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Remote Learning

  • Please check Seesaw daily each morning to review your schedule for the day.
  • Please join your live sessions daily which include morning meeting, small group work, individual conferences, and Sanford Harmony Lessons.
  • Please complete all of your assignments daily.
  • Be sure to READ, READ, READ everyday!  

Need Help? 

If you need, help let your teachers know. They are available to help you.  Also, you can send us your questions any time using the button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Sites to visit


Check out your friends' Black History Month projects!

K/1-212 Learned all about Martin Luther King Jr.
1-210 learned about Alma Thomas, an African American artist and teacher, who was known for her colorful, mosaic abstract paintings in nature. The students studied a collection of her artwork, then created a mosaic collage by focusing on a specific chosen shape.