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School Curriculum

At PS 15, our goal is to get to know each child on a personal level by quickly identifying specific interests, strengths, and learning styles. By individualizing instruction, student achievement is maximized. All units of study are Common Core aligned.

English Language Arts

book and pencil
PS 15 uses a balanced literacy approach to instruction. We integrate Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Units of Study with American Reading Company’s Action 100 Common Core aligned framework to provide all learners with rigorous and engaging instruction. To support reading development, we use Fundations to teach explicit phonics and we use Heggerty to teach phonemic awareness in grades K-2. Literacy learning includes social studies and science content and provides opportunities for experiential learning.


ruler and pencilThrough the integration of Illustrative Mathematics, and Context for Learning, PS 15 develops students’ content knowledge, critical thinking skills, and application and synthesis of real world situations. These programs allows us to provide students with mathematical experiences, natural inquiry, and opportunities for meaningful problem solving. Rather than simply memorizing rules and procedures, students develop a deep understanding of mathematics.

Physical Education


sports ballsOur physical education program promotes non-competitive physical activity and lifelong healthy habits through a combination of the Physical Best and Fitnessgram curriculum.





light bulbThe technology arts program provides students with a new avenue of creativity, experience, and expression. Students conduct online research, practice keyboarding, and learn to operate the equipment, and particular emphasis is placed on integrating technology and art. Students explore innovative ways to share their interests and talents through multimedia presentations, animation, digital illustration, and coding.  While our Maker Space is the exciting locus for STEM and STEAM,  classroom learning regularly incorporates STEM and STEAM as well.

Social Studies


PS 15 follows the NYC scope and sequence for social studies instruction through the use of the Passport Curriculum. Students gain meaningful social studies content knowledge through literacy learning and direct enrichment experiences.




science tubesPS 15 offers students a hands-on inquiry based approach to science learning. Through the use of the Amplify Science curriculum, students become researchers, biologists, physicists, geologists, and general science enthusiasts who seek and discover by questioning and exploring the world around them.