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About Us

PS 15 is a small school in the East Village.  We have a committed and caring staff that works together to provide a rich education for our students.  Our students are known well by staff members and enjoy personalized attention. As a designated Community School, My Brother’s Keeper School, and Respect for All award school, we provide a warm, positive, and supportive school environment for all of our students and families.

Our vision is to create a dynamic, academically rigorous neighborhood school, where all students’ gifts are recognized, cultivated, and valued. Students thrive in a creative, intellectually challenging, diverse and nurturing school culture.  Students and faculty inquire, explore and discover together, with delight in learning, in an atmosphere of respect and mutual trust.

Our mission is to advance our students on their journey towards college and career readiness by fueling their drive to explore and learn about our world and connect to others. We strive to develop our students’ and our own inner resources of creativity and connection by:

  • Engaging in rigorous learning experiences. Guided by the Common Core Learning Standards and the School-wide Enrichment Model, we embrace intellectual challenges and develop an attitude of perseverance in problem-solving and academic growth.  Our learning is infused with music, art, and STEM so that students learn in many ways, with an ever-growing sense of independence. 
  • Providing a safe and trustworthy environment. We are guided by an understanding of social-emotional literacy in our relationships and in our teaching.  Within a reliable and consistent atmosphere, we develop an understanding of ourselves and our peers.  We communicate and work together openly, honestly, and productively. We honor the experience and perspective of each individual and seek to be responsive to his or her points of view and needs.
  • Using precise and multi-faceted data. We continually assess our students and our own learning using a variety of assessment instruments in order to craft meaningful goals and plans for growth and achievement.
  • Recognizing all children as gifted, and nurturing their gifts. We provide exploratory and real-world experiences to pique student interest in a variety of topics. Giftedness is revealed as students become fascinated by a mode of learning or a topic that inspires creativity and commitment. Students choose to investigate topics, develop skills and create social action projects to make an impact on society.


Our faculty models collaboration and reflection through its practice. Families join with us as vital partners in growth. Together, we create a vibrant community where policies and practices are formed collaboratively and revisited continually to ensure that we are providing a dynamic, rigorous and motivating environment for all stakeholders in our school community.

In 2010, PS 15 was designated as a School in Need of Improvement. Its reputation was that of a low-quality school. Now, PS 15 is one of the best schools in NYC and New York State. In 2018, we were named a Recognition school by NYS for our students' achievements. How did it happen?  

  • We hired the best and brightest teachers.   
  • We dove into continuous professional learning about instructional practices and social-emotional development.  
  • We make sure that every student is known well and valued, and we respond to their individual needs.  
  • Our culture of learning is exemplified by all staff and modeled for and expected of all students, understanding that we never cease to learn.  
  • We believe that art and enrichment are essential. Our partnerships ensure a well-rounded education. Partnerships include Third Street Music School, Mark DeGarmo Dance, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Pathways 2 Leadership (P2L), Rosie's Theatre Kids, Arts for All, Asphalt Green, and more.  
  • We secured grants to develop our Maker Space, create a School-wide Enrichment program, and bring arts programming to our students.  
  • We work with local officials, including Assemblymember Harvey Epstein, NYC Council Member Carlina Rivera, and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, to upgrade our infrastructure and technology. Recent projects include the redesign of our school playground, technology improvements, and the acquisition of in-school computers for each child (pre-pandemic).  
  • Through P2L, we offer a free, high-quality in-house after-school program run by professional adults trained in social-emotional development and various art specialties.  


With energy, commitment, and excitement, we continue to take initiative and learn together. We hope you will become part of our story.