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Principal's Page

Remote Learning

During this time, we are all embarking on a new challenge.  As we would with any challenge, we are moving forward one step at a time with caution and optimism, with commitment and excitement, with curiosity and vulnerability, and a continued joy for learning!  This is a learning experience, not only for our students and parents, but for our teachers, staff, and for myself.  I look forward to learning with you as we show that nothing will stop us from educating all of our students.  We are committed to ensuring that student continue to receive strong instruction and challenging work that pushes their thinking.  We are committed to ensuring our students are independent thinkers who can complete most of their work without assistance from parents.  We understand that our families have a lot on their plate.  All we ask is for you to help get your children online and let us do the rest.  You don't have to teach new concepts.  Simply, keep in touch with your child's teacher and let him/ her know what your child needs.  We will do our absolute best to meet their needs.

During this difficult time, we are here for you.  We are given regular updates on local resources and may be able to help you with various issues beyond academics.   Please reach out to us at any time. Together, we will get though this and we will be stronger than ever!

Maker Space

We have a wonderful Maker Space complete with a 3D printer, computers, sewing machines, robots, silk screening materials, and all types of manipulatives that students can use to discover and create.  A Maker Space provides opportunities for students to bring their imagination to life through exploration and creativity.  For example, students can use Maker materials along with coding software to make potatoes play music, build their own simple machines, and design objects that solve real world problems. This creates inquisitive learners who are prepared for college and many different career options. Our new Maker Space has been generously funded by Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and a competitive grant through Lowe's Home Improvement.


Dental Services

We are very excited to announce that we have expanded our partnership with NYU Dental to include full dental services for all of our students right here at PS 15. With your permission, NYU Dental will provide oral exams, x-rays, cleanings, cavity fillings, and more. Parents are welcome to join their child to observe and provide support during appointments.  This partnership will ensure that students receive quality dental care while minimizing absences from school.  Please keep an eye out for a permission slip and more information.


Book Trust Partnership

PS 15 has partnered with Book Trust to provide Pk-3rd grade students with FREE Scholastic books for their home libraries. Every month, students select books from Scholastic to grow their home libraries! We want all of our students to develop a love of reading and have every opportunity to learn about the world around them and get lost in the imagination and creativity found in books.