October Family Reading Project!

Story Book Character Day


Instead of Halloween costumes, this month we will dress up as our favorite story book characters! Work with your family to identify your favorite story book character. Think about what you can put together to create your costumes. What do you have a home, like your character, that you can use? Be creative and most importantly, have fun! On October 31, 2022, you will bring the book to school and wear your costume.

Did you know?

According to a Scholastic study, 36% of kids say they want to be like characters that are smart, brave and strong, while 30% aspire for characters who face and conquer challenges. Just over a quarter of kids look for characters that are similar to themselves. This desire to be reflected in the characters they see (and who doesn’t want to be brave and overcome challenges as a kid), is consistent across gender, age or ethnicity of the surveyed. In terms of how characters are inspiring young readers, 40% of kids say they learned a life lesson from either a fictional character or one based on a real person.


All costumes will be put on in the afternoon. Pk-2 will showcase their costumes during our Pk-2 Costume parade.


See the flyer.