Questions Frequently Asked During the Summer

Frequently asked Questions

Where can I get the supply lists?

Supply lists are available on our website at For your convenience, supply lists are connected with Amazon, Target, and Walmart to make your shopping experience easier. Simply click your child's grade and add items to the cart of your choice.

When is the first day of school?

The first day of school is Monday, September 13th.

What are the school hours?

Our school hours for the 2021-2022 school year will be 8:20 AM - 2:40 PM


Is after-school available?

Yes, we will continue to offer free after-school serviceson a first-come, first-serve basis.  P2L staff will be available at the beginning of school to share applications and answer questions. Ms. Murphy can also help you register for a free local after-school program that will pick up students at PS 15.

Is the 2021-2022 Calendar available?

Yes, the DOE has published the calendar for the upcoming school year and can be found on the DOE website.  The calendar on our website has all the important dates from the calendar on it.  You can find it at the bottom of our homepage or by visiting our calendar page. 

Will students use devices again this year?

Yes, all students will continue to have devices this year.  Devices collected in June will be returned to students during the first week of school.  New students will be issued devices during the first week of school as well.

When can I begin purchasing school uniforms?

Ms. Murphy will make uniforms available for purchase beginning August 30th. 

Can I buy uniforms elsewhere?

Yes, you can purchase uniforms wherever they are sold.  Our dress code consists of tops that are light blue, navy blue, or white and bottoms that are beige of navy blue.  Any items in this solid color are acceptable.  The items we sell have the PS 15 logo on them.  To see what they look like visit our parent information page here:

When will I be able to go to the school building?

The school building will open again on August 30th when administration and the parent coordinator return to school. 

How can I request information over the summer?

Feel free to email the principal, Irene Sanchez, at or La'nette Murphy at Please allow several days before receiving a response as we may be on vacation.

I just have a quick question, is there a place I can call?

While no one will be at school to answer the phone, you can complete our Parent Help form.  Your question will be delivered directly to the principal and you will receive a response within 24 hours.