Register for Summer Rising

What is it?
A summer enrichment program for students to engage in a combination of inquiry, collaboration, exploration, and FUN while receiving academic support, social-emotional learning and support, and enrichment activities.
When is it?

Summer Rising will run for 7 weeks, from 7/6- 8/20,  Monday -Friday, from 8am – 6pm.

How do I enroll?

  1. Create an account at DiscoverDYCD.  
  2. Select Summer Rising on the right-hand side and click search.
  3. In the search bar search for The Star Academy - P.S. 63 (our school will be located at PS 63)
summer rising program information that will come up on the summer rising page
    4. Complete the application and submit.
What if I want to know more about the program?
Visit the City’s Summer Rising page to learn more. You can also reach out to Ms. Murphy or Ms. Sanchez at any time.
What if I need help completing the application?
Contact Ms. Murphy (Mia) at (212) 228-8730 and she will assist you through the process.