Join the Manhattan Parent Guide to Remote Learning Zoom Session

The Remote Learning Support series will include 7 sessions. All sessions are held from 5:00 - 6:30 PM
Check out all the sessions:
  1. Navigating Remote Learning:
    • February 4th 
    • February 11th 
  2. Supporting Families in Navigating Remote Learning for Students with Disabilities
    • February 25th
    • March 4th
  3. Supporting Families in Navigating Remote Learning for Multilingual Learners
    • March 9th
    • March 18th
  4. Supporting Families with Stress Management during Remote Learning
    • March 23rd
    • April 8th
  5. Supporting Families in Fostering Student Independence During Remote Learning
    • April 15th
    • April 22nd
  6. Supporting Families of Students with a Disability in Fostering Student Independence during Remote Learning
    • April 29th
    • May 6rh
  7. Supporting Families by Strengthening Coping Skills through Mindfulness
    • May 12th
    • May 20th