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Remote Learning Daily Schedules

This year, we have created student schedules that prioritize flexibility for students and families while also ensuring that we maximize learning during our time together. In your child's Seesaw account, they will be able to see their daily schedule.  The schedule will consist of:
    • Live Morning Meeting every day
    • Live small group or individual teaching sessions
    • Live Sanford Harmony lessons (our social-emotional curriculum)
    • Independent work based on live or video taped instruction.  
All live meetings are at set times which vary by student. All independent work can be completed at a student's or family's own pace daily and in the order that best meets the students needs.  At the close of the day, all assignments should be complete.
Please check your child's Seesaw account to familiarize yourself with their schedule. We appreciate your support in ensuring that students are logged in for their live sessions and completing their independent work.  Please know that live sessions are most important because it is the teacher's opportunity to teach your child exactly what he/she needs to learn.
Should you have any questions about your child's schedule please reach out to your child's teacher directly.  You can also contact your child's teacher to set up your Seesaw family account which will enable you to see your child's schedule and the work that your child has submitted, even when you are not with them.
Every child has been assigned an NYCDOE username and password.  If you need to reset your child's password, visit Student Account Self Service at  You will need your child's OSIS number and date of birth.  If you do not know your child's OSIS number, your child's teacher or the parent coordinator, Lanette Murphy, can provide it to you.
This username and password are used to access the DOE's Teachhub account, google docs, Zoom, Meets, Teams, and Otus.
If you need any of your child's access codes for the other platforms we use, feel free to contact your child's teacher.  
If you are having difficulty with your device, you can:
  • Complete the Tech Support Form and a school staff member will contact you to provide support.
  • Contact Ms. Murphy (Mia) and she can help you enter a tech support request.
  • Contact your child's teachers and they can help you enter a tech support request.
If you need to request a device for your child, please email Principal Irene Sanchez at